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The Power of A Good Advice

AFRICA ITC streamlines your strategies and operations for the African Continent

Grow Your Vision

With over two decades of invaluable experience operating in the diverse landscape of Africa, coupled with a dynamic team of a dozen consultant partners, our consultancy firm is primed to provide an extensive spectrum of expertise in a variety of fields.
What sets us apart is our proficiency in four distinct languages, ensuring effective communication and comprehension across linguistic boundaries. Our experts not only possess the requisite experience but also boast a deep understanding of the intricate cultural nuances of the region.
This combination of experience and cultural acumen enables us to seamlessly collaborate with your teams, working in perfect harmony to achieve your desired objectives. 
We take pride in our ability to adapt, integrate, and facilitate success in the complex and multifaceted African market.



Our Experts Are the Continent Finest

Welcome to AFRICA ITC, your trusted partner in the dynamic world of Logistics and IT services, with a particular focus on ports, terminals, transport, and freight forwarding. We specialize in offering comprehensive solutions that streamline and optimize your business, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. Our expertise extends beyond the logistics sector, as we also provide expert guidance and intermediation services to international companies looking to establish and expand their business ventures in Africa. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in this diverse continent, we empower your growth and success in the African market. Discover how AFRICA ITC can help you navigate the complex world of logistics and international expansion with precision and confidence.



In every step on your way to success

Terminals & Logistics Software

We deploy Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) and Transport Management Software (TMS) .

We have extended experience in Navis and We are Magaya Official Partner for West Africa


Consulting services for Port & Logistics

We provide Market studies, Due diligence, Transition management, Strategic interim, Operational support, terminal design, equipment commissioning , TOS management, business process audit & implementation and recruitment & training

Intermediation & Implementation

Identify M&A opportunities and priority markets, Support market entry in Africa for our clients, provide strategic support for implementation and go-live

We’re Good with Numbers


Years of Experience


Qualified Experts


Working languages


Intl. Partners



Let’s Work Together

201 Rue Mustapha El Maani

Business Center Office 201

Casablanca, Morocco

Tel : +212 6 1008 2008

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